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Surveillance is an art form requiring complete dedication to be proficient and successful. Our surveillance specialists are highly trained professionals, who’ve artfully perfected their skills and have more than 60 years of combined experience as law enforcement officers and as licensed private investigators. We pride ourselves on our ability to infiltrate an environment, gather the required information and to overcome any challenges in the field.

Because our surveillance is conducted in a covert manner, it is the key to providing clients with the vital evidence they need to attain their goals. Our specialists are prepared to handle all aspects of surveillance as they arise. Our primary objective is to observe a subject to document their interactions and activities throughout the day(s) or week. Most of our investigations involve developing evidence to be presented in court. With this in mind, we are careful to employ investigative methods that can bear the scrutiny of judges and juries. We believe in establishing and adhering to a high degree of transparency and accountability, always making our client’s confidentiality and satisfaction the top priorities. When you hire 10 Eight Investigations PLLC, you can rest assured all the information we gather will be obtained ethically and legally. All our clients are provided a final comprehensive report, video captured during the case, and daily updates while the case is being completed. Cases will commence within 24 hours after retaining our services. We provide surveillance for cases involving infidelity, workers compensation, family law investigations, and employee theft. See Rates

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Locate/Skip Tracing

Since our investigators have previous experience working in law enforcement, the military, or state/federal agencies, they have both the technical and practical knowledge to effectively find anyone, including long-lost loves, old high school and college classmates, heirs to estates, family members, distant relatives, former business partners, and more.

We can also find those who are actively trying to remain hidden, such as runaway teens, fugitives, eyewitnesses, defendants, and those trying to avoid paying child/spousal support or other debts. We utilize an extensive network of law enforcement professionals, private investigators, and local citizens to assist us in our search. At times, we’ll also pay confidential sources to obtain real time intelligence on the streets. It’s those resources on the streets that become our eyes and ears on a 24/7 basis. 10 Eight Investigations PLLC is your dedicated resource for finding the missing person and we will begin our search as soon as you authorize us to become involved. Disclaimer: Anyone over the age of 18, without a mental disability, has the right to keep their location private, and the police are required to respect this. As private investigators, if we’re successful in locating your loved one, we can’t compel them to return home, but we can speak with and relay any messages to them and hope they reach out to you. The police and other agencies cannot be asked to hold a person against their will if he or she has not committed a crime and are not a danger to themselves or others. No one has the authority to force the person to seek aid or medical care against their will unless there is a medical guardianship or court order stating what action to take. See Rates

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Investigative Services

10 Eight Investigations is a full-service professional investigative agency that has been regularly retained by individuals, law firms and sole practitioner attorneys throughout the United States and the world, to conduct both civil and criminal investigations. We will bring our deductive, business, and communication skills to every assignment and provide you with a well-rounded perspective on every case.

We will consult with your attorneys regarding pending cases or cases that are currently open and or in the appeal process. With years of real time field experience that gives us the ability to know what to look for, what evidence is critical and how to collect that information has made us leaders in criminal investigative work. We offer these services to everyone, including attorneys who engage our services to look for evidence that may help their case.  Our private investigators have many skills in this area and will do their best to find an outcome that is favorable. Have you been accused of a crime you did not commit and need a Private Investigation Agency to investigate to prove your innocence? Are you the victim of a crime but cannot prove it due to lack of evidence? We can help you by investigating the crime to see if any evidence was missed. We specialize in the areas of personal injury, family law/probate, criminal defense, and corporate investigations. Contact us today with any additional questions you may have regarding investigative services and see our rates page for pricing. See Rates

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Witness Statement/Interview

Our experienced private investigators are experts in witness location techniques and ensuring cooperation from the witness once they have been found. We will work to ascertain their location, contact information, and provide an assessment on the viability of securing the witness to testify or make a statement. We have obtained witnesses statements for cases involving insurance investigations, motor vehicle crashes, criminal investigations, and missing persons investigations.

In most investigations, interviews are time-consuming and are the most important tool for investigators to learn the facts from a first-hand witness. We understand the importance of witnesses and we work hard to quickly locate and secure statements. We will obtain written, oral, or video statements, as we know that time is crucial for memory and witness tampering. Our investigators will focus on the facts, obtain potential new witnesses, and keep all information confidential. All statements can be transcribed upon request. See Rates

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Background Investigations

Background checks and other pre-employment screening services are an integral part of the hiring process. By properly screening a candidate through a comprehensive background check process, employers increase the chances of preventing negligent hiring lawsuits and provide a safer work environment for their employees.

Depending on the client, our six-step background check may include criminal history, employment verification, education verification, motor vehicle history, credit check, and if desired, drug screening. A background check typically ranges between $250 to $400 to complete. The range is based on individual states and the amount they charge for completing an accurate criminal history search. In addition, certain individuals that we find have resided in multiple states would require individual searches by state. Some information may require a signed release from the candidate. In addition to the typical fees, we offer specialized background investigations. These types of background check investigations may involve surveillance, field investigations, and/or financial information and would require additional costs, which may be hourly or fixed. Background checks have a typical turnaround time of three-seven days. Days to completion vary by the state, the number of states queried, and if any specialized information is requested. See Rates

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Notary Services

We offer notary and mobile notary service in Citrus, Hernando, and Sumter counties. Take advantage of our notary services at a location and time that is most convenient to you. We travel to hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, private residences & businesses. Our mobile notary public will print documents, check identification, ensure proper notarial language and return/send the signed forms as directed.

We provide expert notary services for financial, legal, and business documents including loan documents from all major lenders and title companies. We work with lawyers, local and international corporations, banks, investment firms, insurance companies, medical providers, adoption agencies, consulate offices, and the general public. We are certified, background checked, insured, and bonded. Be advised that only certain forms of identification are accepted for notary services. Contact us today with any additional questions you may have regarding notary service and see our rates page for pricing.

DISCLAIMER: We are not licensed attorneys nor practice law nor give legal advice. If you are in any way unsure about the documents you want to have notarized, consult an attorney or other qualified professional.  See Rates

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Process Serving

Our firm specializes in hard-to-locate defendants/evaders and has process service available in Citrus, Hernando, and Sumter counties located within the Fifth Judicial Circuit. We proudly deliver our clients with top-notch process service so that the justice system and due process are upheld.

We deliver all types of personal and corporate documents such as summons and complaints, divorce papers, family court documents, subpoenas, citations, small claims court cases, order to show cause, petitions, discovery documents, evictions, landlord/tenant notices, and motions. We are well versed in Florida’s rules and regulations regarding civil process, ensuring that your documents are delivered accurately and within these laws each and every time. After serving any legal documents, our process server must provide the client with an affidavit to be filed by the client with their court to prove the service of process was completed. States vary as to whether the service of process must ne notarized. Our process server is legally required to serve papers in the correct manner laid out by the state where the legal documents originated. We request that any out of state clients advise us if there are any particular laws to be followed exclusive to the state of origin. Florida documents require certain notations on the service document to be made by the process server when effectuating service. Florida does not allow Sunday service. Contact us today with any additional questions you may have regarding process service and see our rates page for pricing. See Rates

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Attorney Referral

If you do not have experience in the legal system, finding the right attorney to protect your rights can be a confusing process. Our investigators have decades of experience in the legal system and have worked closely with many attorneys in a multitude of fields to include criminal defense, personal injury, accidents, wrongful death, nursing home abuse, and expungements/sealing of criminal records. If you have a legal matter that needs the attention of an attorney, 10 Eight Investigations PLLC can make an informed attorney referral based on your personal needs. Contact Us for a Referral

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